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Our team of experts have worked in the Marketing Industry for the last 5 years. Contact us for more information about investor leads.

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Head Of Sales

Jack Charles

Jack has worked in the marketing industry since 2013. He sold Investments and Property Bonds. He has since diversified in to Lead Generation and SEO Marketing

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investor lead generation
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investor leads

Campaign Manager

Eliot left University in 2012, after studying Politics and Journalism. He soon realised that Investments and Marketing are what makes the world go round. After 3 years of selling Alternative Investments. He now specialiss in SEO and Email Marketing, with a focus on creativity and distribution

Elliot Hornsy

investing leads

Claudia Hughes

ifa lists

Campaign Administrator

Claudia joined the team a year ago and has been a vital link between the client and distribution. She ensures the smooth running of all campaigns and helps with the creation of Landing Pages and Mailers

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UK Investor Leads provide a great service with highly qualified leads. Highly recommended,

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Director, Eden Wealth

UK Investor Leads are one of our preferred lead generation partners. The team are always happy to help and provide a consistent flow and quality of HNW investor leads

top leads

Jamie Brown

Director, Invest UK

UK Investor Leads have a great team that have provided accurate information all the way through. The process has been smooth and as a newcomer to the industry I am very impressed

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William Barrett

CEO/Barretts Invest


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UK Investor Leads Build Bespoke Landing Pages to Suit Your Product

Bespoke Landing Pages

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Between our Targeted and Retargeted Ads, We'll Ensure Your Sales Increase

Increasing Your Sales

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We Use A Combination of Google Adwords and Email Marketing To Target Only Active Investors

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We understand the importance of learning our clients products and key selling points when creating a campaign and we aim to cover all the key aspects of your business when conducting it.

The investor leads industry is constantly growing and evolving and becoming more complex.

Generating high quality leads is an art form than we have hones for almost a decade. 

We are the experts in our field and we generate the best investment leads in the market.

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0203 103 0188

Call us to discuss your requirements on 0203 103 0188

At UK Investor Leads we understand that as an investment broker you require the most qualified and targeted leads you can source for your sales team.

Gone are the days when you can rely on out dated and bulk non qualified leads. Consumers and investors are becoming more sophisticated in their understanding of the market place and are more and more savvy.

Also with the new GDPR regulations the risks of purchasing non qualified data are high and we understand that it is of paramount importance than all regulations are adhered to.

Uk Investor leads take all factors into consideration when designing a bespoke leads package for our clients. The market place is full of sub-standard lead generation brokers who rely on the same data lists that are over used. We rely on our own database which has been generated over the last 9 years. We keep our data in house and do not sell it to the highest bidder.

Please register for more details on our investor leads.

Investment Leads 

The UK financial market grows from strength to strength and the alternative investment sector is vibrant with many new products entering the market.

Not only do we provide UK specific marketing campaigns but we have many clients in the EU, Middle East and Asia also. We can generate indigenous client leads as well as expats.

High net worth leads

The high net worth sector is a valuable and much sought after area of lead generation for most investment companies.

With the FCA regulations in mind investors must be self certified high net worth individuals meeting a set criteria. We can help guide you through the requirements companies must meet when they start their marketing campaigns. Contact us for more information.

Accredited investor leads

The USA market for marketing require all clients to be accredited investors meeting a set criteria.

Similar to the UK the rules are stringent and must be adhered to in every marketing campaigns. We can provide information and expertise in helping companies develop a strategy in this regard. For more information click on our investor leads page.

Investor data

As well as providing high quality qualified leads we also provide highly targeted UK investor data.

Gold investments leads

Commodities investments such as gold, silver, diamonds and now rare earth metals are always popular with brokers and clients alike.

With their intrinsic financial benefits and the fact they are tangible with a fairly stable price, this means commodities are always a good product to generate leads for.

Wine investment leads

The fine wine market originated predominantly in Bordeaux France. There are many tax benefits as well as also being tangible, investors always consider fine wine a good choice.

Diamond investment leads

Commodities investments such as gold, silver, diamonds and now rare earth metals are always popular with brokers and clients alike.

Property loan note investment leads

Property loan notes are becoming increasingly popular in recent years with the property sectors growing year on year following the financial credit crisis.

With favorable interest rates and the loosening up of banks to lend to developers, there has never been a better time to attract new investors with strong returns and asset backed security. 

Binary option leads

Binary options are relatively new product which has been born out of the leveraged investment products such as CFDs and spread betting.

Client wishing for a high return whilst open to a high level of risk may consider such a product.

Art investment

Art has always been a popular product and is similar to fine wine in being a niche and tangible product.

Sports betting leads

Sports betting has always been seen as high risk endeavor but with the invention of automated trading and sports algorithms brokers have managed to reduce some of these perceived risks.

We are able to generate leads for sports betting.

Stock investment leads

Stocks and share leads are a traditional product we can generate leads for. Investors most commonly buy and trade stock through brokers. You can set up an account by depositing cash or stocks in a brokerage account. Firms like Charles Schwab and Citigroup's Smith Barney unit offer brokerage accounts that can be managed online or with a broker in person. 

IPO leads

An initial public offering or IPO is when a privately-held company makes its shares available for trading on public markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq. Going public is a way for a company to raise capital, and can offer opportunities for secondary offerings of shares in the future 

Film investment leads

As a result of a high profile celebrity court case earlier this year, a new law governing EIS investments means that investing in UK-produced films has become even riskier. But with good intuition, due diligence and insights gained from data science, you’ll give yourself the competitive advantage when investing in UK film investment slates. 

Renewable energy leads

By ultimately investing in future renewable energy like wind power, you could be making a positive contribution to our planet as well as ultimately gaining exposure to some of the most exciting and potentially lucrative financial opportunities on the market.

The UK Government is bound by an agreement to generate more renewable energy, which shows a positive indication for the industry we are investing in. Please note that no part of the bond investment is backed by the Government and while they are bound by this agreement it does not guarantee a return for bondholders, Matthew Cullum.

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UK Investor leads is a specialist online digital marketing consultancy. With 9 years experience in all areas of marketing strategy our consultants have helped many clients to generate investor leads.

UK Investor leads offer a multichannel marketing suite for business across all industries. We cater to businesses in any industry and any location and can help you effectively implement your strategy to grow your business.

There are a few main areas we maintain our focus on throughout the process of designing an effective client acquisition strategy.

Advertising is a medium of information. Any online or paid for advertising qualifies.

Typically for an effective advertising strategy we seek to recognize the problem that a business or service needs to overcome. Then Identify the consumer who is likely to have a need or interest in that advert.

UK Investor leads will then create a disruptive way to communicate a message to as many consumers as possible. This can include the following types of media:






Road side advertising

Leisure areas




Although many companies perceive advertising to be less attractive than other forms of customer retention it should not be ignored. Marketing budget permitting it should be part of any companies strategy.

Sales promotion is usually a short term strategy that companies will employ to persuade potential customers to purchase a product. There are many methods companies can use to promote their services in the short term. Such methods include:

Points of sale

Guerrilla marketing





UK Investor leads will assist you to design such campaigns and develop effective strategies.

UK Investor leads provide financial Business data also for financial companies. If you are looking into business to business marketing within the financial industry for the following companies, please contact us now.


Some Useful Investor Lead Videos

How to get a lead investor for your startup

How to generate property investor leads

Startup funding explained

Types of investor marketing methods we use

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Every individual has needs; some are innate, others are acquired. Innate needs are physiological (i.e., biogenic); they include the needs for food, for water, for air, for clothing, for shelter, and for sex. Because they are needed to sustain biological life, the biogenic needs are considered primary needs or motives. Acquired needs are needs that we learn in response to our culture or environment. These may include needs for esteem, for prestige, for affection, for power, and for learning. Because acquired needs are generally psychological (i.e., psychogenic), they are considered secondary needs or motives. 

They result from the individual's subjective psychological state and from relationships with others. For example, all individuals need shelter from the elements; thus, finding a place to live fulfils an important primary need for a newly transferred executive. However, the kind of house she buys may be the result of secondary needs. She may seek a house in which she can entertain large groups of people (and fulfil her social needs); she may also want to buy a house in an exclusive community in order to impress her friends and family (and fulfil her ego needs). The house an individual ultimately purchases thus may serve to fulfill both primary and secondary needs. Motivation can be described as the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. This driving force is produced by a state of tension, which exists as the result of an unfilled need. Individuals strive— both consciously and subconsciously— to reduce this tension through behaviour that they anticipate will fulfill their needs and thus relieve them of the stress they feel. Investor leads providers have such strategies at hand to help.

The specific goals they select and the patterns of action they undertake to achieve their goals are the results of individual thinking and learning. Figure 3.1 presents a model of the motivational process. It portrays motivation as a state of need-induced tension, which exerts a "push" on the individual to engage in behavior that he or she expects will gratify needs and thus reduce tension. The specific course of action that consumers pursue and their specific goals are selected on the basis of their thinking processes (i.e., cognition) and previous learning. 

For that reason, marketers who understand motivational theory attempt to influence the consumer's cognitive processes. Figure 3.1 Model of the motivational process Positive and negative motivation— Motivation can be positive or negative in direction. We may feel a driving force toward some object or condition, or a driving force away from some object or condition. For example, a person may be impelled toward a restaurant to fulfill a hunger need and away from motorcycle transportation to fulfill a safety need. Some psychologists refer to positive drives as needs, wants, or Unified needs, wants, and desires Tension Drive Behaviour Goal or need fulfilment Learning Cognitive processes Tension reduction desires, and to negative drives as fears or aversions. 

However, though negative and positive motivational forces seem to differ dramatically in terms of physical (and sometimes emotional) activity, they are basically similar in that both serve to initiate and sustain human behavior. For this reason, researchers often refer to both kinds of drives or motives as needs, wants, and desires. Rational versus emotional motives— Some consumer behaviorists distinguish between so-called rational motives and emotional (or nonrational) motives. They use the term rationality in the traditional economic sense, which assumes that consumers behave rationally when they carefully consider all alternatives and choose those that give them the greatest utility (i.e., satisfaction). In a marketing context, the term rationality implies that consumers select goals based on totally objective criteria, such as size, weight, price, or miles per gallon. Emotional motives imply the selection of goals according to personal or subjective criteria (e.g., the desire for individuality, pride, fear, affection, status). The assumption underlying this distinction is that subjective or emotional criteria do not maximize utility or satisfaction

However, it is reasonable to assume that consumers always attempt to select alternatives that, in their view, serve to maximize satisfaction. Obviously, the assessment of satisfaction is a very personal process, based on the individual's own need structure as well as on past behavioral, and social or learned experiences. What may appear irrational to an outside observer may be perfectly rational in the context of the consumer's own psychological field. For example, a product purchased to enhance selfimage (such as a fragrance) is a perfectly rational form of consumer behavior. 3.4 Consumer. Call UK investor leads for more information.